Election is May 1st

Early Voting April 19th

Conservative. Native American. Small Business Owner

Today marks the beginning of a new day. Welcome to the official website for Cesario Garcia Candidate for City Council District 8, Check here for your  3 source of information including upcoming events, issues that affect District 8 and how to become involved. Your impute is greatly appreciated to the success for our campaign. Get to know Cesario by browsing his website. What  things  would you like to know about Cesario Garcia and how he will fight for unity and progress.

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Election Day May 1st 2021

Over the last 4 years San Antonio has continued an aggressive trend by spending more than it brings in with tax dollars. Our cities dept is at 1.5 Billion dollars. As the Pandemic continues our city operates in uncurtain financial times. This city's main revenue streams come from Conventions & Tourism . The economic impact and revenue ranges from 13.4 billion to SA's Economy, 348 million is contributed to local government. My first call to action Place a hard pause on all non essential city projects. Excluding repairs to streets and essential earmarked infrastructure spending (accountability).  Second there needs to a more comprehensive outreach program. A health and human service check to our seniors and Veterans. Small businesses outreach by partnering with financial institutions that will offer a zero percent interest loan for 12 mts. Our contractors and hospitality workers should have access to parking downtown free of charge. Public safety and awareness must be a priority. 



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